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Secure, Confidential Document Shredding


 A service of the Record Storage Solutions Division of

North Western Warehouse Company, Rapid City SD.

Private ... convenient ... affordable ... reliable.

Locked canister pick-up and delivery at your place of business.


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Address:      413 6th St. Rapid City, SD. 57701


Proud Members of PRISM

Professional Records & Information Services Management (formerly ADFC)

Professional Records &
Information Services

(formerly ACRC)


We adhere to the standards of the HIPAA & GRAMM LEACH BLILEY.



Secure Document Disposal, Pick-up & Destruction:

Our shredder creates unreadable shred at 3.5 tons per hour.
Our locking shred containers provide secure document disposal until the containers are picked up at your business, as well as in our warehouse prior to shredding. Containers are unlocked at the shred table, where the contents are immediately shredded. A mechanical baler compresses the shred into 1100 lb. bales that are sent for recycling.


Our new shredder pulverizes documents into unreadable shred at 3.5 tons per hour!





Shred Canister Options:


 Option 1 - Monthly Rental of Shred Canisters, $1.20 each.  Scheduled Pick-up service $18.00
cost of shred and replace with empty canister )                                                Option 2   Monthly Rental of Shred Canister : $1.20 Pick-up on Demand $18.00                                                            (includes cost of shred and replacement of container)

 Option 3    Just Shreding Service  @ $0.18/lbs